Thatch Roof Cottage

oil on canvas signed by John LaPorte

H: 7 1/4"   W: 91/4 "   English

​Circa: 161-1839  Stock #Y116   Price: $2800

"It's the Bayou"​

by Stella Coward

#176 CSC    Price: $600


by Stella Coward

 #181  CSC    Price: $600

"Lady Holding Bird"

oil on canvas circa 18th century

No signature.  H: 5"  W: 9"

Stock #239    $1800

"Spring Along the Seine"

oil on canvas and signature illegible

H: 23"  W:19"  Circa 1900-1925

​Stock #z-33  Price: 3250

"Iris Splendor"

by Stella Coward

CSC    Price: $2400​​

Paintings by Stella Coward,

a local artist.

Print of Watercolor by H. W. Standing

Dated 1899     H: 14 1/2"    W: 21"

Stock #AB02B   Price: $1200

"Cowboy"  oil on canvas

by Shawn Cameron  Stock #AK12   Price: $1200

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